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4PSA Software makes it very easy for you to handle your Plesk server with easy to use applications.

4PSA Software is the most respected third-party software and support provider for Plesk™. 4PSA Software products implement functionalities that simplify server work, improve services and maximize return of investment.

The company offers a wide range of solutions, from Plesk™ add-ons to server level software, technical expertise and infrastructures design. The philosophy behind 4PSA Software is to offer more than a product or service. Every 4PSA Software product is a “Custom Solution” that addresses a practical need.
The philosophy behind 4PSA is to offer more than a product or service. Every 4PSA Software product is a solution that addresses a practical need. Every service provided by 4PSA Software comes with a human touch.

4PSA software for Plesk

4PSA software designed for Plesk 7.x Reloaded, Plesk 7, Plesk 6 and Plesk 5 provides a lot of features that help server administrators and hosting clients. 4PSA products are used by hundreds of businesses from all over the world.

4PSA Clean Server – A high performance and feature rich antivirus for email and server

4PSA Qmail Manager -Get complete control over Qmail, increase its performance and reliability a needed tool for Plesk owners!

4PSA Advanced Statistics – Advanced website statistics with export PDF capabilities, a replacement for Webalizer

4PSA Total Backup – A server backup software with easy administration, remote storage server capabilities

4PSA Server Assistant – An intelligent software which monitors server parameters and fixes service problems in real-time to minimize server downtime

4PSA Integrator – Web application management integrated in Plesk, 35 applications included

4PSA Spam Guardian – Powerful spam email protection at mailbox, domain and server level

4PSA Client Backup – Allows clients to backup various areas of the hosting account

4PSA Total Domains – Ability to add subdomains, domain parkings with email parking, manage PHP settings for domains, etc.

4PSA Notifications – A management and notification software for Plesk administrators and clients

4PSA Central Login – Allows administrators and clients to login to multiple Plesk servers from a single place!

4PSA Hosting Manager – Unique hosting account automation for Plesk servers

4PSA DNS Manager – The centralized DNS server that can gather DNS Zones information from a server farm.

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